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Dollars and sense: Financial skills for teens with learning disabilities

Help your child with LD or AD/HD develop his money management know-how with these expert tips.

On the Right Track: Teaching Your Teen With LD to Manage Travel and Transportation

Many kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD have a hard time getting around independently. Learn how you can help your teen fine-tune his navigation skills.

Helping Teens With LD Develop a Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle

Learn why many teens with learning disabilities and AD/HD struggle to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Planning For College: A Team Effort

A successful college graduate with AD/HD shares how she and her parents worked together to plan for college.

Disclosing One's Learning Disabilities in Young Adulthood

An expert offers guidelines for when, why, and how individuals should disclose their learning disabilities in a job, school, or social setting.

Finding the "Best Fit" for Young People with LD in the Workplace

Paul Gerber, Ph. D., discusses the process of finding a good match between one's individual strengths, job-related tasks, and the work environment.

When kids with LD Facebook

Children with learning and attention problems may blossom by using social-networking sites. Learn more about the potential benefits and risks for these kids.

The Push and Pull of Fostering Teen Independence

Learn how to strike a balance between being overly protective and giving your teen too much freedom.

It Worked: The Dating Game - Helping Our Daughter With AD/HD Play it Safe

A manipulative boyfriend compels parents to intervene and get help for their daughter with AD/HD.

The Complexities of Second Marriages for Parents of Teens With AD/HD

Learn about common challenges for parents and their kids with AD/HD in blended families.