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Teaching your child to be respectful

Three ingredients for teaching kids to treat others with kindness.

Educating Nathan

One mother’s epic quest to find the right school for her profoundly gifted son.

Carol Dweck: How to encourage an easily frustrated child

Some children are more easily frustrated than others when the going gets tough. Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck explains how you can help.

Carol Dweck: Telling kids they're smart can backfire

"We've almost been brainwashed to say, 'You're so smart,'" says Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. The problem? This kind of praise can hold kids back.

Po Bronson: Kids need more than one motivation

Kids are more likely to stick with it and accomplish great things when they have multiple reasons to push themselves, says author Po Bronson.

Carol Dweck: It's critical that kids do difficult work

All parents like to see their kids succeed, but it's even more important to make sure they're challenged, says Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck.

Po Bronson: Teaching kids when to be competitive

Studies of kids around the world show a remarkable pattern in how girls and boys respond to competition in school. Here's how parents can help boys succeed.