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A guide to second language education

Learning a second language is increasingly important in today's world. Is a second language program or school right for your child?

Quick guide to special education

If your child has a special need, it can be confusing knowing where to go and how to get help. Here are the basics on finding the right special education program or school.

School choice terminology

Knowing these common terms will help you in your school search.

Working the System to Get the School of Your Choice

Smart parents know they may need to work the system to get the school of their choice.

School enrollment requirements

Find out what information you need to enroll in public, charter and private schools.

The after-school care crisis

For parents it can mean private panic. For a nation, it means 15 million children who don’t get the care they need.

Making a school district work for you

Wondering how to use the system to get your child into a great school? Check out these insider tips from a parent advocate.

Terms we use to describe schools

This glossary provides definitions of the most commonly used school terms used in our school profiles.

10 key questions for elementary schools

Choosing an elementary school? Don't do it without getting the answers to these questions!

10 key questions for middle schools

Looking for middle school? Don't do it without getting the answers to these questions!