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The lowdown on sexting

Everything you wanted to know about this teen smut trend but were afraid to ask.

Words that teach kids how to play nicely

Learning how to play well means knowing the right words to say.

San Francisco lets students own up to misdeeds rather than face expulsion

How one big-city district cut suspensions and expulsions — and why they may rise again

Raised by a Tiger Mom

The author of a new novel explores what it's like to be the daughter of great expectations.

Po Bronson takes on the Tiger Mom

The "NurtureShock" author talks about how self-proclaimed Tiger Mom Amy Chua got it wrong (and how American parents can get it right).

My child did what?!? Is that normal?

Little ones do things that make parents wonder — and worry! From biting to hiding things, our guide will help you understand the oddball behaviors of the preschool set.

Help! My Child Wets His Bed

My 5-year-old sometimes wets his bed. It will go on for a week and then it stops and starts again. I have spoken to the pediatrician and she said that it is normal. We do talk about it every night: "if you have...

My Fifth-Grader Doesn't Put Forth Much Effort

My son is in fifth grade and has always been a hard-working student. However, this year, both his teachers and I have noticed that he is not working to his potential. He turns in his assignments late, and is putting forth very little effort. He...

How can I help my children get along?

My 8-year-old daughter gets angry with her 6-year-old sister for no reason at all. She yells at her and says, "I hate you." Most of the time they play together just fine, but it's those other times that drive me insane...

What Can I Do About a Child Who Disrupts Class?

Do you have any suggestions on what to do when there is a child in the classroom who has disruptive behavior two to five times a week? This child uses unacceptable language, screams and yells, throws objects, and takes things from other students while they...