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What Does a School District Office Do?

The school district office typically handles a range of responsibilities from fiscal oversight to selecting textbooks.

Sousa Middle School Students Speak Out

Student reflections on Waiting for "Superman"

How can we stop school violence?

School shootings are every parents worst nightmare. But researchers say school may be the safest place for children to be, and there are steps parents can take to prevent campus violence.

GreatSchools’ POV on Common Core

How do we feel about this new educational initiative that could transform U.S. classrooms? As always, we’re keeping our eye on what matters most: your child.

10 tips for successfully getting a school grant

Do you want to help your child's school pay for the science fair or buy playground equipment? Here's how to find and get grant money to help.

How to stay involved in middle and high school

When your child moves on to middle or high school, staying involved in her education can be tricky. Try these strategies to help your child succeed.

How to get extra help from the school

If your child is struggling at school, here's how to get him help.

Playing hooky: What days of school not to miss

It's OK to miss a few days of school, but these dates are important not to skip.

How to Choose a School Board Candidate: What Every Voter Should Know

Before you vote, find out here what a school board does and what to look for in candidates.

Spending far from equal among state's school districts, analysis finds

California districts spend wildly different amounts per student.