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Feelings Collage

In this activity your preschooler makes a collage that expresses different emotions.

Five Easy Ways to Exercise Your Child's Creativity

In our busy family lives, it's easy to forget that children need time to do what comes naturally: let their imaginations run wild.

Indoor winter hike

Kids can practice spatial prepositions on this imaginary trek through the snow.

Amazing Bubbles

How you can help at home: Here's an activity that will get your child ready to learn science by engaging her curiosity and building her observation skills.

Rethinking report cards

Linking report cards to state standards is the newest report card trend. Here's why schools are doing it and what you can expect if your school makes the change.

Make Social Studies Come Alive

Check out these tips to help your child learn to love social studies.

Pop 'n' learn

Help your kindergartner explore his five senses with this multisensory snack.

Putting your town on the map

Give your little one the bigger picture by mapping out a kid-friendly landscape.

Five ways to awaken your child's inner scientist

Make science come alive for your child with these simple tips.

Simple ways to build math skills at home

How you can help at home: Build your child's math skills with these easy strategies.