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Inspire the Artist in Your Fourth-Grader

How you can help at home: Here are some easy ways you can encourage the artist in your fourth-grader.

Your fifth grader and PE

Linking exercise to other lifestyle habits helps fifth graders make the connection between PE and overall health.

Your high schooler and social studies

High schoolers take their history lessons up to the present.

Getting ready for middle school

Prepare your child for the changes and challenges of middle school with these tips.

What to expect in preschool: Social studies

All about community: Kids learn social studies concepts by observing what's around them.

Choosing smart electives

College-bound students need to take challenging academic classes each semester, as well as take electives that cultivate their interests, strengths and special talents.

Tips for your high schooler: advice from recent grads

GreatSchools staff weigh in on their best advice for high schoolers.

Sparking Your Child's Interest in Science

Links and reference to programs, learning institutions and internships for middle-and high-school science students.

Your kindergartner and math

Object lessons: Kindergartners kick-start math with blocks, bottle caps, and dice.

Learning to read or reading to learn: When to intervene

Parents often wonder if early intervention will solve all reading problems, or whether new skills are needed after third grade. An expert answers these questions.