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Countdown to Back to School: Summer Reading

Back to School: Don't let the summer brain drain get to your child. Take time this summer to read at the beach, the park and on the back porch.

Read All About It: Back-to-School Books

Reading about back-to-school adventures can help you and your child talk about her real-life hopes and fears.

10 ways to prep for back-to-school success

As summer slides into the new school year, try these tips for a seamless transition.

Should My First-Grader Be Held Back for Reading Challenges?

My son finished first grade. For the better part of the year he has been assessed as a slow reader and the school wanted to have him repeat first grade. He does fine with all other subjects and the social aspects, but reading gives him...

Communicating With Your Child's School

Knowing how to contact the right person at your child's school can make you a more effective advocate.

School Attendance: Issues to Consider

How important is it for kids to be in school? School attendance is a baseline factor in determining student success.

School Improvement Begins at Home

Helping your child succeed is the first step toward improving your school.

How to Get to School Safely

Before going back to school, take time to talk to your child about getting to school safely.

School enrollment requirements

Find out what information you need to enroll in public, charter and private schools.

Surprising secrets to school success

Eight ideas about academic learning you may not know.