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California’s most improved middle schools (2012)

In just two years, these 11 middle schools have jumped from GreatSchools Ratings as low as 2 (below average) to as high as 8 (above average).

10 top scoring California school districts (2012)

After analyzing test scores, GreatSchools uncovered these 10 districts with the highest average test scores.

Working the System to Get the School of Your Choice

Smart parents know they may need to work the system to get the school of their choice.

Choosing a School: Considering Family Needs and Values

Your family's values, preferences and practical concerns are important factors to consider when choosing a school.

Top public schools: $800,000 or more

From coastal hamlets to leafy burbs, these top 10 cities offer families exceptional public schools and median home prices upwards of $800K.

Top public schools: Under $100,000

From Texas towns to Southern suburbs, these top 10 cities offer families outperforming public schools and median home prices under $100K.

What to ask private schools if your child has an LD

Are you considering a private school for your child? If so, be clear about your priorities and organize your search to save time and reduce stress.

Apples and Oranges: Comparing Private and Public School Test Scores

Ever wished you could compare private and public schools somehow? Perhaps with test score data?

The achievement gap: Is your school helping all students succeed?

Is your school equitably serving its students? Successful schools have found fair, effective ways to raise the performance of all.

California’s most improved school districts 2012: Spotlight on Whittier

What makes a whole school district improve? Any superintendent will tell you it’s not easy. So when we calculated how high this California district has risen in just three years, we had to find out why.