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Recipes from moms who won't stop at "ew"

Parents of picky eaters know getting vegetables into kids' mouths can require the negotiation skills of a SWAT team. But no one enjoys wrangling at the dinner table, even when he or she really wants to instill a love of wholesome foods. We asked the...

School lunches from around the world

Looking for new ideas for your child’s lunch? Take a spin around the globe for inspiration.

7 secrets of highly successful school lunches

Stuck in a school lunch rut? Try these seven easy secrets to school lunch success.

Cool green lunch tools

Pack a healthier school lunch with 11 favorite kid-, planet- and parent-friendly picks.

8 secrets to keeping your family healthy this winter

The days are short, the nights are long, and baby, it's cold outside. Here's how to tame old man winter to ensure your family stays healthy and happy 'til spring.

Beyond the sandwich

Most sandwiches get skipped, tossed, or otherwise disrespected. Give them a break with these high-protein alternatives.

Eating well with food allergies

Chef Carlin Greenstein talks alternative lunch menus for kids with food allergies.

Three easy school lunches

Quick and healthy recipes for your child to take to school.

Social and Emotional Health: Media Role Models

Your child is bombarded with media messages about ethics and values that often run counter to yours. Here is what you can do to counter them.

Five tips for a healthy holiday

Try these tips to help your family stay healthy this holiday season.