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Making the most of your parent-teacher conference

Learn what issues to focus on and how to plan for a productive parent-teacher conference.

My Third-Grader Has Asperger's

My son is diagnosed with Asperger's. The school doesn't recognize Asperger's as debilitating enough to warrant services or accommodations. He has trouble writing legibly; he either needs a weighted glove or a keyboard. He also needs more time on timed tests. How can I get...

Does My Child Have Dyslexia?

I think that my son may have dyslexia. He is in third grade. The school does not acknowledge the word. Can you give me information about dyslexia and how I should go about getting the school to help me?

Learning about a School's Approach to Reading Instruction

How is your child being taught to read? A reading expert explains how to investigate the instructional approach the teacher or school uses.

Finding Local Resources When Your Child Struggles to Learn

As you start your search for information about learning and attention problems, you may find some great resources close to home.

A Therapist Answers Parents' Questions about Problem Behavior

Parents raise issues ranging from homework hassles, to school avoidance, to oppositional behavior in their kids with learning and attention problems.

Aligning the IEP and Academic Content Standards to Improve Academic Achievement

Learn how stronger standards for academic content can support your child's achievement.

The Complexities of Second Marriages for Parents of Teens With AD/HD

Learn about common challenges for parents and their kids with AD/HD in blended families.

Online classes: A choice for your middle or high schooler?

Thinking about an online class for your child? Learn how to choose a high-quality web-based school.

Unique Issues for Single Parents of Teens With AD/HD

Getting empathy and support from other adults can be tough for single parents whose teens have AD/HD.