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Conversation, Not Confrontation: One Mom's Advice on Parent-Teacher Talks

A mother candidly explains how she learned to build a constructive (not combative) bond with her child's teacher.

The LD Journey: A College Student Looks Back

In an interview with his LD coach, a college student describes living with his learning disability from first grade until now. He also offers some sage advice.

Helping your child understand LD

How much should you tell your child about his learning disability? Dr. Betty Osman offers expert guidance on a tricky topic.

Strategies for Managing Your Child's Resistant Behavior

An expert explains how to manage resistance by identifying the purpose a behavior serves for a child.

Disclosing One's Learning Disabilities in Young Adulthood

An expert offers guidelines for when, why, and how individuals should disclose their learning disabilities in a job, school, or social setting.

Temperament in the classroom: Helping each child find a good fit

Learn from an expert how your child's temperament affects his adjustment and achievement at school.

Coaching Kids With LD and AD/HD in Sports

Work as a team! Coaching kids with LD and AD/HD in sports involves challenges and rewards for parents and coaches alike.

When kids with LD Facebook

Children with learning and attention problems may blossom by using social-networking sites. Learn more about the potential benefits and risks for these kids.

The Push and Pull of Fostering Teen Independence

Learn how to strike a balance between being overly protective and giving your teen too much freedom.

Helping your middle-schooler with LD transition to high school

Learn how to help your child with LD meet the increased academic demands and other challenges of high school.