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Special education: a practical primer

Learn about your rights and responsibilities, as well as what to expect, when you enroll your child in special education.

Poor Reading Skills Drive New Federal Initiatives

New federal initiatives aim to improve early reading instruction in schools across the country.

Partnering with the teacher when your child has AD/HD

Expert strategies for working with your child's teacher on an effective classroom plan.

Evaluation: An overview

What to expect when your child's learning strengths and needs are evaluated.

Specialists in the field of learning and attention problems

If your child has a learning disability, you'll want to become familiar with the various types of professionals who may be involved in your child's education and an explanation of the services they provide.

Frequently used educational terms: learning and attention problems

Cut through the confusion by becoming familiar with the medical, psychological, legal and educational terms often used in educational settings.

The Value of Parent-Teacher Collaboration

One mother explains how her role shifted from adversary to advocate as she found a more effective way to deal with her son's school.

Resources for Adults With Learning Disabilities & Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Learning disabilities and AD/HD are usually lifelong conditions. This list of resources is geared toward adults living with those challenges.

Evaluating Products & Services for Your Child With LD or AD/HD

An expert explains how to be an informed consumer when selecting services and products for your child with learning or attention problems.

Transition Planning for Students With IEPs

Learn how this part of the IEP allows a teen in special education to outline goals that will help him achieve his post-high school plans.