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Best new books for kids

This season's best new reads for third through fifth graders.

Best holiday bets for boys

The season's 12 most innovative gifts for any boy on your list.

Great Pretender

Top toys, books, boardgames, and technology for your fantasy-loving kid.

Budding Artist

Got a burgeoning dancer,designer, actor, or artist in your house? Here are gifts to please the most creative of young souls.

Magnificent Maker

Is your kid the creative type? Here are 14 gifts to help your child's imagination go wild.

Techno Wizard

Is your child hoping for techno trinkets and toys this holiday season? This list of kid-friendly technology provides good, smart fun for tykes to teens.

Eco-Wild Child

Is your child happiest in the great outdoors? These earth-friendly presents will connect your nature lover to all things wild and wonderful.