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Unique Issues for Single Parents of Teens With AD/HD

Getting empathy and support from other adults can be tough for single parents whose teens have AD/HD.

Playing House the Grown-up Way: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Housekeeping

Kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD often struggle with certain aspects of housekeeping. An expert offers training tips for parents.

The challenges of romance for teens with LD

Learn how and why teens with learning and attention difficulties often misunderstand the nuances of dating -- and how you can help.

Self-Advocacy: A Valuable Skill for Your Teenager With LD

If your teen has a learning disability, self-awareness and self-advocacy are keys to her future success.

When Teens With AD/HD are Learning to Drive: Parent Strategies

An expert explains how parents can address the risk factors that arise when impulsive or distractible teens are learning to drive.

IDEA 2004 Close Up: Transition Planning

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act strengthens transition planning services for high school students with IEPs.

How Parents Can Help Older Kids With Reading Problems

Do you have an older child who struggles with reading? An expert explains how you can help him improve his literacy skills.

College planning for students with learning issues

Is college the best choice for your teen with a learning disability? Check out these expert guidelines for making an informed decision about postsecondary education.

Teens with LD: Finding a summer job

Having a summer job can help a teenager who struggles in school experience new success. One mother shares strategies that worked for her son.

All eyes on iPad

The snazzy new gadget from Apple might be the ultimate AT device for my son.