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Prepare your child with ADD to ace exams

The key to performing well on tests is preparation - weeks, not hours, in advance. Learn to take good class notes, read to comprehend, and plan a test review schedule.

AD/HD: An overview

Sometimes your child doesn't pay attention or follow directions, but is it AD/HD? A guide to diagnosing and dealing with this disorder.

Dyslexia: An overview

Learn what dyslexia is, what signs to look out for, and what you can do to help if your child is dyslexic.

Get your child organized for school

Tips to help your child manage assignments, clutter and time.

Management strategies for reading

If your child struggles with reading, use these tips to support her at home.

Career and Technical Education - Diverse Options for Your Teen

Today's career and technical programs can expand your child's choices for rewarding work.

Cómo ayudar a los alumnos que están aprendiendo inglés y que tienen dificultades en la escuela

Los estudiantes de inglés en Estados Unidos, a menudo tienen dificultades en las aulas. ¿Qué pueden hacer los padres y maestros para determinar si está pasando algo fuera de lo normal, como por ejemplo una discapacidad de aprendizaje? Existen métodos que ayudan a identificar las...

Controversial Treatments for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Although parents of children with AD/HD want the very best treatment for their children, not all AD/HD therapies meet scientific standards. Learn what works -- and what not to waste your time and money on.

Andrew's journal: Growing up with dyslexia and AD/HD

From second grade through high school, Andrew has shared his story of getting through school with the dual challenges of dyslexia and AD/HD.

Is it a reading disorder or developmental lag?

Get expert advice on identifying and addressing reading problems in your child's early years.