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Is there life after high school? A primer for teens with learning disorders

Find out how you can help your child with a learning disability or AD/HD prepare for college, work, and independent living.

Dr. Russell Barkley: AD/HD Theory, Diagnosis, & Treatment Summary

Read highlights from Dr. Russell Barkley's powerful and poignant lecture on AD/HD.

Successful Artist With LD and AD/HD Seeks to Inspire Others

Working with paint and clay kept Robert Toth going when repeated school failure threatened his self-esteem. Now a world-class artist, he shares his story in hopes of inspiring others with learning disabilities.

Developmental Milestones: Your 8-Year-Old Child

Knowing what to expect as your child grows can reassure you that your child is on track with his peers or alert you to potential concerns. Below are some milestones to watch for in your eight-year-old.

Self-Acceptance and Self-Esteem in Tweens: Beacon Street Girls™

In this engaging series, the author creates joyful, well-rounded characters in books for 9- to 12-year-old girls.

ADD in the corner office: Five top executives discovered that an LD can be a capitalist tool

Five top executives reveal their struggles in school ? and their secrets for success!

How parents can help children who are anxious

When worry interferes with a child's daily life, parents can provide support and reassurance.

Building My Son's Self-Esteem

When my child was identified with LD, I worried about how I was going to build and maintain his self-esteem.

College Student With Learning Disabilities Designs His Own Future

Success has come one challenging step at a time for this persistent young man with learning disabilities.

When your teenager's peers are headed to college, but he is not

Help your teen formulate post-high school plans so he won't feel awkward talking with family and friends who ask about his future.