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Heidi Allen Garvin on "Mom, what's wrong with him?"

The popular Mormon mom blogger suggests treating children's questions with tact... and a big dose of compassion.

Marva Collins on "I don't like reading!"

Famed educator Marva Collins shares her secret of how she got even the most recalcitrant reader to succeed.

Jane Bluestein on "I don't like reading!"

Don’t force it, advises education consultant Jane Bluestein. If a child resists reading, there are plenty of ways to lure him in.

Kelly Gallagher on "I don't like reading!"

Longtime educator and child reading expert Kelly Gallagher says that a parent should take into account a child’s age, and use these techniques to make reading fun.

Jane Nelsen: What to say when your child asks, "Who do you love the most?"

Jane Nelsen, among the foremost leaders of the positive discipline movement, says you can answer by showing your child - with this demonstration - that there's plenty of love to go around.

Adele Faber: When your child says, "Who do you love the most?"

When your child asks this question, says parenting guru Adele Faber, they don't need to hear that they're the favorite. Instead, reassure them this way.

School refusal: when kids say no to school

Morgan Smith won't go to school. It's not a whim or simply bad behavior. School refusal, which experts say is a common childhood behavior problem for kindergartners to high schoolers, is wrenching for kids and parents alike.

Alfie Kohn on what to say when your child says, "I'm bored!"

The author of 10 books on children, education, and parenting, Alfie Kohn wants parents to not only hear what their child is saying, but listen to what's "behind the words."

Mary Ann Zoellner on what to say when your child says, "I'm bored!"

The co-author of "Sh*tty Moms" doesn't go for the "I'm so sorry, honey" approach to parenting. Instead, she suggests a modern fix to an age-old whine.

Bipolar at 5?

When her daughter was diagnosed at age 5, she fought the label. Then she realized that her once happy, effervescent daughter was turning into a tormented stranger.