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The new rules for reading: 5 key takeaways

In our latest #Milestones Google+ Hangout, literacy expert Tim Shanahan shared info all parents should know about supporting your child's reading.

A questionnaire: what do you like to read?

In this language arts worksheet, children consider the various types of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that exist and pick the types of reading they like best. Bonus: your child is encouraged to write a list of preferred types of reading using correct spelling and punctuation...

State has one of nation’s highest gaps in Hispanic-white reading proficiency

Hispanic students in California continue to lag behind white students in reading skills.

Marva Collins on "I don't like reading!"

Famed educator Marva Collins shares her secret of how she got even the most recalcitrant reader to succeed.

Jane Bluestein on "I don't like reading!"

Don’t force it, advises education consultant Jane Bluestein. If a child resists reading, there are plenty of ways to lure him in.

Kelly Gallagher on "I don't like reading!"

Longtime educator and child reading expert Kelly Gallagher says that a parent should take into account a child’s age, and use these techniques to make reading fun.

Get your child ready for middle school 1: Reading, math, and writing

Middle school is a big step. Make sure your child is ready.

Reading solution: "Don't give me the answer!"

When a child makes a mistake reading aloud, should you stop and correct him or not?

Bruce Feiler on "I don't like reading!"

The bestselling author of, “The Secret of Happy Families” did his research and discovered the best way to respond.

What to do when your child says, "I don't like reading!"

Read between the lines, says Stanford psychologist and “Mindset” author Carol Dweck. Why? Kids mean something very different when they object to reading.