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Inside the kindergartner's brain

What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a kindergartner?

7 secrets of highly successful school lunches

Stuck in a school lunch rut? Try these seven easy secrets to school lunch success.

Your child and technology: what your kindergartner needs to know

Some schools and parents are using technology to boost reading, math, and science skills, but it remains optional for kindergarten learning.

Help build your child's confidence

Want to motivate kids? Make them the hero of a story about giving it their all.

Help your child learn to make choices

Offer your child a choice so she can learn to make good decisions.

How playing games teaches kids good behavior

Games can teach kids key skills, life following rules, planning, and using their memory.

Help your child think positively and try hard

Boost your child's confidence by teaching her to stay positive.

Helping your child learn good behavior

Letting children know what's expected of them will help prevent bad behavior.

Teaching children how to wait

Kids can learn to make good decisions by learning to wait for things they want.

Help your child love learning

Tips for talking to your child about school and success.