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Giving kids a sense of purpose is easy with our four-step plan.

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High expectations help kids reach goals

Your high expectations will encourage your child to work harder.

How adding music to your child's life helps build brainpower

Did you know that music affects kids' academic performance?

How to solve problems with your child

Tired of fighting over your kid's problems? Solve them with him not for him.

How to teach your child about healthy competition

How do you turn kids into good sports? It's all in the cards.

How to tell the teacher about your high expectations

Three easy ways to share your high expectations with the teacher.

Teach your child to be persistent

How to teach your kid the number one skill for succeeding in life.

Talking to your young child about college

It's never too soon to start talking about college and how it can help your child.

How to raise a caring child

Nice kids finish first in school and life.