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How to put limits on your child's media time

TV, computers, and video games can be good for kids - with a few rules.

The do's and don'ts of discipline

Prepare your child for success by setting consistent, realistic expectations.

Eating well with food allergies

Chef Carlin Greenstein talks alternative lunch menus for kids with food allergies.

Three easy school lunches

Quick and healthy recipes for your child to take to school.

Your fifth grader and PE

Linking exercise to other lifestyle habits helps fifth graders make the connection between PE and overall health.

How Can I Help My Fifth-Grader Make a Smooth Transition?

We are moving to a new city in the fall due to my work, and I am concerned about the transition for my daughter. She has a solid group of friends here and she likes her school. Do you have any suggestions to make the...

Reading tips for every grade

Expert tricks to improve your Kindergartner through 5th grader’s reading.

No More Dodge Ball: What's New In PE?

Elementary school physical education used to be made up of dodge ball and annual fitness tests. At a number of schools today, it's being reinvented.

Plant Parts Salad

How you can help at home: Make a healthy salad out of plant parts.

The History of Food

How you can help at home: Research the origins of food with your child and build their social studies skills.