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Risky Sexual Relationships in Teens With LD or AD/HD

Teens with LD and/or AD/HD are vulnerable when it comes to sex. An expert tells parents how to educate, not alienate, their teens.

Ask the Experts about preschoolers

Find answers to your questions about learning problems and school-related behavior.

Functional assessment: A positive approach to misbehavior at school

When punishment doesn't work, figuring out the reasons behind a child's unruly behavior is a more constructive approach.

Mackenzie Thorpe's Art "From the Heart"

When it mattered most, a caring teacher gave this now-famous artist with dyslexia the support he needed to pursue his passion.

Ask the Experts about fifth-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

"The Middle of Nowhere"

The grand-prize winner of the GreatSchools Bedtime Story Contest is both quirky and quaint.

Walk the line

Help preteens and teens stay healthy by establishing a routine for walking.

It Worked: From Cartwheels to College - A Lesson in Perseverance

A mom steps back and lets a caring gymnastics coach teach her daughter that persistence pays off.

Learning to Share

Try these simple strategies to help your preschooler give and take cheerfully.

Taking fitness indoors

Here are easy ways to keep kids active, even in the depths of winter.