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Snowman race

Help kids brush up on basic math with a deck of cards and a paper snowman in this fast-paced game.

Power Reading Talk

How you can help at home: Ask your child lots of questions to build his understanding of what he is reading.

Six ways to encourage young writers

Follow these suggestions to encourage your child's budding writing skills.

Seeding literacy: Make a reading tree

How you can help at home: In this activity your child records books she has read on a reading tree.

Eight tips for raising tech-savvy kids

Help your child learn to use technology by integrating it into your home.

The Right Shoes to Get Your Child Moving

How you can help at home: Shoes designed to move help kids develop coordination, which is crucial to development.

Plant Parts Salad

How you can help at home: Make a healthy salad out of plant parts.

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral

How you can help at home: Have your child use descriptive words to write about an object.

Feelings Collage

In this activity your preschooler makes a collage that expresses different emotions.

The History of Food

How you can help at home: Research the origins of food with your child and build their social studies skills.