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High School Graduation and the Beginning of Adult Life Bring Joy and Trepidation

Relief and worry battle it out as a mom anticipates launching her son with LD into life after high school.

Why boys don't read

Fact: boys don't read as much as girls. This reading gender gap is affecting boys' performance in high school and beyond.

Insider tricks for assessing high schools

Our resident school-choice expert offers deal-breakers and red flags on assessing high schools from a distance.

The top-five reasons to avoid a high school

High schools don't post banners announcing when they are failing. So how are parents supposed to know which ones aren't doing their job?

Getting minority kids hooked on STEM

Local program strives to close STEM achievement gap.

More California students defaulting on loans

Troubling increase in students unable to pay

When "only the best" backfires

Why the most competitive high school may not be right for your teen.

Should my teen take four years of a foreign language?

Should my child take four years of a foreign language in high school? Her school only offers three years of Latin, the language she wants to study, but I don't want her to sabotage her chances of getting into a good college by not taking...