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Your third grader and PE

Many third graders apply their PE skills to sports and activities outside of school.

No More Dodge Ball: What's New In PE?

Elementary school physical education used to be made up of dodge ball and annual fitness tests. At a number of schools today, it's being reinvented.

Your fourth grader and PE

Fitness tests measure fourth graders' strength, flexibility, and aerobic abilities.

Your fifth grader and PE

Linking exercise to other lifestyle habits helps fifth graders make the connection between PE and overall health.

How parents can help schools get healthy

Do your school's food and fitness programs make the grade? Give them a checkup and learn how to promote health education with these easy tips.

Countdown to back to school: Get healthy

Eating right and sleeping well will help your child succeed in school.

Goblin granola for a healthy Halloween

Instead of offering sugar-packed holiday recipes, we offer a hearty nutritious granola snack or breakfast cereal as an antidote for the trick-or-treaters in your family.

Follow a Recipe

How you can help at home: Cooking with your child helps build skills in reading directions and measurement.

The Right Shoes to Get Your Child Moving

How you can help at home: Shoes designed to move help kids develop coordination, which is crucial to development.

Plant Parts Salad

How you can help at home: Make a healthy salad out of plant parts.