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Countdown to Back to School: Summer Reading

Back to School: Don't let the summer brain drain get to your child. Take time this summer to read at the beach, the park and on the back porch.

Young adult lit grows up fast

Young adult fiction is going through a growth spurt. Find out how it is changing.

Parent picks: What second- and third-graders are reading for the holidays

Whether it's reading about ever-exciting elementary school life or getting as far away from it as possible through elaborate fantasy worlds, there are a whole host of options for curious second- and third-graders this season. Here are some of the standouts.

Summer reading ... for parents

How long has it been since you had a summer reading list? While it's tempting to take a few months off from the rigors of the special education world, the longer days of summer are a great time to dive into all those issues you've...

Parent picks: What first-graders are reading for the holidays

Books that play off real-life experiences are especially popular with this age group. Now is a great time to dive into early-reader chapter books.

All about friends

New schools and new environments can present challenges for making friends, but we value our friends for a reason, and kindergartners will appreciate this list of books, all packed with wisdom on the timeless theme of friendship.

Parent picks: What middle-schoolers are reading for the holidays

If you have a middle-schooler, chances are he or she is caught up in fantasy stories like Twilight, Shiver, or Cirque du Freak. These wintry recommendations are sure to keep your kid's nose buried in books.

Parent picks: What fourth- and fifth-graders are reading for the holidays

Fourth and fifth grades mark a critical stage for reading skills. These parent suggestions, ranging from new titles like The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate to classics like Where the Red Fern Grows, are sure to keep your child enthralled.

Parent picks: What kindergartners are reading for the holidays

Vibrant picture books with creative story lines are ever popular among the kindergarten set. These titles are sure to spark your youngster's imagination and inspire her to start reading on her own.

Beach reads for tykes

Start off your youngster's summer reading list with a boisterous flock of penguins.