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Seven myths about AD/HD...debunked!

The truth behind seven mistaken beliefs about AD/HD.

Evaluation: An overview

What to expect when your child's learning strengths and needs are evaluated.

Developing Reading Skills in Young Children

Dr. Reid Lyon discusses how children develop reading skills and what parents can do to help.

Tips for helping your elementary school child with math homework

Exploring math in everyday life is one way to make numbers less intimidating.

Brain Research, Reading and Dyslexia

Pioneering pediatricians describe what brain research can teach parents and professionals about dyslexia.

Passionate Economist Finds Strength and Humanity in Her Dyslexia

Top economist Diane Swonk reflects on how having dyslexia has made her stronger - and more human.

Questions to ask professionals who diagnose or treat AD/HD

Knowing what questions to ask -- about AD/HD diagnosis, treatment, and even insurance coverage -- is the key to getting the answers you need.

Understanding and Preparing Your Child for Psychoeducational Testing

What is psychoeducational testing? How can you prepare your child for it? Author and parent Kim Glenchur offers clear answers to your questions.

What are Some Myths About People With AD/HD?

Some people claim AD/HD represents a set of evolutionary qualities that helped our ancestors survive. An expert debunks this theory by explaining how AD/HD reflects weaknesses in the development of efficient self-regulation and self-control.

AD/HD, Stimulants, and Substance Abuse

Media stories about stimulant medications for AD/HD are often misleading. Learn what research tells us about AD/HD medications and the risk of substance abuse in children and teens.