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When your teenager's peers are headed to college, but he is not

Help your teen formulate post-high school plans so he won't feel awkward talking with family and friends who ask about his future.

Tablespoons & Teaspoons: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Meal Preparation

Get expert, step-by-step advice on teaching your child with a learning disability or AD/HD to plan and prepare meals.

Dollars and sense: Financial skills for teens with learning disabilities

Help your child with LD or AD/HD develop his money management know-how with these expert tips.

On the Right Track: Teaching Your Teen With LD to Manage Travel and Transportation

Many kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD have a hard time getting around independently. Learn how you can help your teen fine-tune his navigation skills.

Planning For College: A Team Effort

A successful college graduate with AD/HD shares how she and her parents worked together to plan for college.

How Temperament Affects Parents, Children, and Family Life

Don't assume family friction is a result of your child having  LD or AD/HD.  It could be due to his temperament -- and yours! 

Research Trends: The Daily Life Of Children With AD/HD and Their Moms

An expert interprets a unique study that maps the daily living challenges of mothers and their kids with AD/HD

Finding the "Best Fit" for Young People with LD in the Workplace

Paul Gerber, Ph. D., discusses the process of finding a good match between one's individual strengths, job-related tasks, and the work environment.

A Therapist Answers Parents' Questions about Problem Behavior

Parents raise issues ranging from homework hassles, to school avoidance, to oppositional behavior in their kids with learning and attention problems.

Parent tales: First signs of a reading disorder

GreatSchools members share stories about the first signs and symptoms of their children's reading issues.