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Bipolar at 5?

When her daughter was diagnosed at age 5, she fought the label. Then she realized that her once happy, effervescent daughter was turning into a tormented stranger.

Mastering failure is my superpower

Single mom Pamela Juers says that to help her two boys become strong, resourceful adults, she sees every failure as a chance to learn and grow.

Why I yell at my kids

Parenting expert Christine Carter admits she knows better... but still she cops to yelling at her kids - and getting caught.

Crossing the bridge: how one mother found the right school for her child

When your child has a disability, finding a place where she can thrive is sure to take you into unfamiliar territory.

Bruce Feiler on having a happy family

The best-selling author of "The Secrets of Happy Families" on getting kids to do chores, squelching sibling squabbles, reducing your nagging, holding successful family meetings, and his top parenting tip. (Videotaped remotely via Skype.)

"Do you think I'm smart?"

"Of course I do, sweetie!" Not so fast. Before you rush to reassure your child she's a genius, hear how these three top-selling parenting experts suggest you respond instead.

Why roughhousing with our kids is so important

Po Bronson, bestselling author of "Nurture Shock," underscores the surprising benefits of rough-and-tumble play.

Christine Carter on discovering a learning disability

"Raising Happiness" author and sociologist Christine Carter reveals how she stumbled upon her own daughter's learning disability - and how parents can learn from her experience.

Educating Nathan

One mother’s epic quest to find the right school for her profoundly gifted son.

Do boys and girls react to criticism differently?

Absolutely! Stanford psychologist and "Mindset" author Carol Dweck says it’s night and day – and linked to the self-esteem gender gap.