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What love has to do with raising confident children

Understanding your child's love language — and how it may be different than your own — can make all the difference in parenting.

Mastering failure is my superpower

Single mom Pamela Juers says that to help her two boys become strong, resourceful adults, she sees every failure as a chance to learn and grow.

Why I yell at my kids

Parenting expert Christine Carter admits she knows better... but still she cops to yelling at her kids - and getting caught.

Family man: Bruce Feiler on happy families

After a terrible summer trip, a 21st-century dad realizes happy families don’t just happen, they're made. Best-selling author Bruce Feiler shares what he learned.

Crossing the bridge: how far would you go to find the right school for your child?

When your child has a disability, finding a place where she can thrive may take you into unfamiliar territory.

Meditation but no math?

One teacher's radical approach to homework has science on its side.

Was I wrong to drug my son?

After a contradictory ADHD diagnosis — and drugs with scary side effects — he discovered a simple treatment that works.

Bet you it’s good to be competitive

Can you make a child’s natural inclination work to his (or her) advantage?

Is it normal for your preschooler to hurt animals?

When a young child hurts animals, the big question is: Was it accidental or intentional?

Bruce Feiler on having a happy family

The best-selling author of "The Secrets of Happy Families" on getting kids to do chores, squelching sibling squabbles, reducing your nagging, holding successful family meetings, and his top parenting tip. (Videotaped remotely via Skype.)