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Goldilocks and the three bears

Here's a picture story for you to color! This series of worksheets tells the story of Goldilocks and Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear. Your child will listen as you read the story, color in the pictures, and finish telling the story with words and pictures...

Writing a persuasive argument

In this series of writing worksheets, your child will read an example of a persuasive argument and then answer questions about the text's structure, meaning, and language. Your child will also get practice summarizing the writer's main points. Bonus: your child may use a dictionary...

Match the pictures

Can you find the other house? In this early reading worksheet, your child will draw a line between images that are the same.

Drawing straight lines

The drawing activity in this early writing worksheet helps your child create fluid straight lines across the page. Bonus: your child's scribbles will create shapes to color in.

Counting bugs!

How many snails are there? This coloring math worksheet lets your child count and draw bugs, draw the corresponding number of dots, and write the numbers.


This coloring math worksheet introduces children to fractional parts by asking them to color in 1/4 of familiar shapes.

Story sequence

What happens first, second, and third? This reading worksheet gives your child practice interpreting three related images and putting them in sequential order.

Spot the doubles

Each bug has only half its spots! This coloring math worksheet asks your child to draw the missing spots, complete an addition equation, and add up the spots.

10 more or 10 less?

Draw a line to connect each number on the rocketship with the number that's 10 more or 10 less.

Color patterns

Each of these beads has a color pattern. This coloring math worksheet asks your child to count and color the beads in each series to complete the patterns.