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Way back when: Readers' favorite books

Thanks to the many readers who shared their favorite childhood books. Here's the complete list.

Activities for pre-readers and beginning readers

Help your child get excited about books by creating a personalized book mark or writing a book of her own.

Bait-and-switch symptoms

Worried your child has a learning disability or behavioral problem? Make sure his eyes and ears are tuned in before testing his brain.


Parent-teacher conferences are coming. Are you prepared for what you might hear?

Make a scene

When books begin to seem like hard work, dioramas help bring their magic to life.

Selfish secrets of parental involvement

Does volunteering in the classroom make your child smarter?

Custom-designed ABCs

Personalized alphabet books turn a ho-hum read into a page-turner.

The long and winding testing road

Thinking of getting your child assessed for a learning disability? One mother's story offers a glimpse at the inefficiencies and inequities of educational assessment.

It's not just for Oprah: Book clubs for kids

Nurture a love of reading with a club for budding bookworms.

Third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade signs of an LD

How do you know if your child has a learning disability? Learn to read the signs.