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The importance of play in your child's life

All work and no play is no good for kids' brains.

Helping your child learn good behavior

Letting children know what's expected of them will help prevent bad behavior.

Teaching children how to wait

Kids can learn to make good decisions by learning to wait for things they want.

The best way to reward a child's good behavior

Want to change your child's behavior? Try creating a reward plan.

Teamwork teaches valuable lessons

Teaching kids the importance of teamwork starts at home.

Help your child love learning

Tips for talking to your child about school and success.

How to boost your child’s self-confidence

Want to boost your child's grades? Try boosting her confidence.

Help your child connect learning to life

Three tips for making learning real (and fun) for your kids.

Teaching kids to follow directions

Help your child learn to follow directions - a skill she'll need in school and life

Helping kids turn off the TV

Limit your child's television time with these simple rules.