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Parent cliques

Sure, they make other parents feel left out. But the biggest surprise is the damage an exclusive group has on parents, kids, and an entire school community.

Your child is gifted… now what?

Your child’s gift comes wrapped in challenges. Learn why parents often struggle to get their gifted children's intellectual and emotional needs met.

When the teacher is the bully

Bullying has become a national issue. But what do you do if the school bully is your child's teacher?

Stress and your child's brain

Research suggests that children are affected by stress in surprising ways.

Should I Push My 10th-Grader to Play Sports?

My oldest daughter doesn't want to get involved in sports. She is in the 10th grade and I keep telling her, if you don't try things out now you are going to regret it when you get older and you will wish you had done...

How Can I Help My Son Adjust to College?

My son is going to college this fall, his first time away from home and on his own. My biggest concern is that he will not focus without his mother and me pushing him. How about some pointers to help him be successful without interfering...

How Can I Help My Procrastinating Teen?

My son is a 10th-grader in high school, and he barely pays attention in class, doesn't finish his work and rarely has any homework. He waits until it's almost time for report cards to come out and then hurries to find all his missing work...

What Can I Do to Reinforce My Freshman's Self-Esteem?

My high school freshman daughter, who by the way is a National Honor Society and straight A student, recently said "I no longer have stomachache problems and actually have friends because they don't think I'm a nerd." It is true, she is going...

What Should I Do About My Teen Using Pot?

My son is 17. We have suspected him of using marijuana for a few months now and my older son has actually caught him doing it with his girlfriend. I was cleaning up his room today and found pot in his pocket. I am extremely...

How Can I Help My Teen Reach His Potential?

My junior son is a smart kid. Good grades came easily to him in junior high, but since he has been in high school his grades have suffered significantly because he does not do a majority of his homework assignments. His GPA is currently in...