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Your third grader and PE

Many third graders apply their PE skills to sports and activities outside of school.

Beach read: Books about summer

Is your child anxious about going to camp? Reading a book with him may help ease any fears he has about the adventures ahead.

Turn Your Family Vacation Into a Real Education

Learning can happen anywhere, even while visiting Grandma this summer.

Clay play

This squishy art project allows kids to get crafty with their ABCs.

Bright Ideas from our Readers: Keeping Kids Busy During the Summer

Thanks to our readers who shared their thoughts on whether it's a parent's job to keep kids occupied during the summer. Here are a few of their comments and suggestions:

Strike up the (kitchen) band!

Banging pots and pans drives home the basics of musical beat for youngsters.

Your kindergartner and music

In music class, kindergartners sing, play instruments, listen and move to music.

Alternate Routes to High School Success

Is high school holding your ambitious student back? There are alternatives.

Study and test-taking strategies for kids with learning difficulties

Many students with learning difficulties need explicit, intensive instruction in study strategies.

Keeping a journal

How You can help at home: Have your child keep a journal and build reading and writing skills.