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Beach reads for tweens

These popular, engaging titles will keep older kids' interest all summer long.

Parent picks: What preschoolers are reading for the holidays

Preschoolers find wonder in so many places, but they seem to be especially drawn to animals and their antics. Parent favorites for this age group include classics like Harold and the Purple Crayon and new takes on bedtime stories. These books are sure to keep...

Classic childhood favorites for kindergartners

Set sail with this list of kindergarten classics.

Beach reads for kids

Grade schoolers can explore far-off places (an island or asteroid, perhaps?) with these summer adventures.

Best audiobooks for kids

If you're going over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, audiobooks are a great way to keep the kids from whining, "Are we there yet?" But today's audiobooks do a lot more than foster family harmony in the form of group diversion...

Classic childhood favorites for first graders

Explore these seven timeless tales that offer lessons about compassion and friendship.

Classic childhood favorites for second graders

Revisit tales about a tug boat or a pair of ducklings in these classic kids' books.

Classic childhood favorites for third graders

These are the books you'll remember from childhood - and that your child will love for a lifetime

Timeless reads for tweens and teens

Looking for new books to inspire your tween or teen? Check out these YA works of fiction by noteworthy authors handpicked by Danielle Marshall and her team at Powell's Books.

Beach reads for teens

Older kids will discover magic, romance, and culture clash with these summertime reads.