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Smoothing your child's transition to middle school

Planning and conversation will ease your tween's anxiety about meeting the new, complex demands of middle school.

Homeschooling kids with LD or ADHD: The pros and cons

Get answers to common questions about homeschooling students with special needs.

Pen Pal Projects Mix Learning and Fun For Kids with Special Needs

Kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy corresponding with a pen pal. Find out how to get started.

It Worked: The Dating Game - Helping Our Daughter With AD/HD Play it Safe

A manipulative boyfriend compels parents to intervene and get help for their daughter with AD/HD.

It Worked: Getting Help to Deal With a Child's Aggression

What felt like a drastic measure to these weary parents, turned out to be just the right approach.

Executive function: A new lens for viewing your child

This theory of how we mentally navigate life offers a new way to view a child's strengths and struggles.

Dynamic Duo: A Father and Daughter Who Share LD

A devoted dad who, like his college-age daughter, has a learning disability, explains how he's encouraged her along the way -- and how she has blossomed into a dynamic young woman.

Playing House the Grown-up Way: Teaching Teens With LD the Art of Housekeeping

Kids with learning disabilities and AD/HD often struggle with certain aspects of housekeeping. An expert offers training tips for parents.

Discovering Nolan's Abilities

Meet a young boy with dyslexia whose hobby involves plumbing equipment and learn how his mom helps him focus on his strengths and maintain a positive outlook. 

The challenges of romance for teens with LD

Learn how and why teens with learning and attention difficulties often misunderstand the nuances of dating -- and how you can help.