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I found out my sixth-grader has a boyfriend

My daughter is going into sixth grade this fall. I discovered by accident that she has had a boyfriend, who is also in her class, for about four months. How do I talk to her about this?

My sixth-grader is insecure about her height

My 12-year-old daughter is very insecure because she is 5'10" and taller than all her friends. She is a good student and has always had great friends. However, in the past month she has cried on three separate occasions about how her friends...

My Seventh-Grader Is Worried About Bullying

How do you handle returning to school after summer vacation when there was bullying (also called "hazing" nowadays) the previous year? How should this be handled if your seventh-grader never mentioned it when he was new in the previous year? But suddenly he...

How Can I Help My Seventh-Grader Manage Mood Swings?

I have noticed many mood swings in my 12-year-old daughter this year. They started toward the end of sixth grade and are continuing stronger and more frequently this year in seventh grade. It seems like her personality has changed so drastically. Her bad mood...

How Can I Help My Daughter Manage Her Anger?

I am having problems with my 13-year-old. She is very disrespectful and has a problem controlling her anger. What can I do to help her?

Home green home

Whether your kids are budding Bill McKibbens or eco-novices, adopting Earth-friendly practices at home is an easy way to spend quality time together while fostering environmental awareness. And in some cases, going green can save your family green by reducing household expenses. Check out these...

If you give a child an allowance ...

Ten tips for teaching kids how money makes the world go round.

Summertime social for teens

Top tips on helping tweens and teens develop social skills.

How to raise a team player

Seven fun activities that teach kids the value of pitching in and helping others.

Six easy ways to cut back on TV time

Replace channel surfing with overt diversions, and your kids won't even miss the tube.