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Top 10 high-tech math tutors

In the old days -- you know, a couple of years ago -- video games were the beeping, pinging distractions that got in the way of homework. Now iPhones, Nintendo, and the Web are homework. Recently the realm of edu-technology has exploded with a wide variety of...

Quick writing tips for every age

Turn your child into an unstoppable scribe with this grade-by-grade advice.

Helping Your Child with Learning Difficulties Deal With Homework

How much help with homework should parents of kids with learning disabilities provide? Dr. Betty Osman offers sound advice.

How to Help Your Child With LD Manage Homework

Work with the teacher to determine how much and what kind of homework works best for your child.

Tips for helping your elementary school child with math homework

Exploring math in everyday life is one way to make numbers less intimidating.

Homework Helper

Help your child take control of his homework load.

Adele Faber on "I hate homework!"

The famed "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk" author offers her expert advice on exactly what to say to a homework-hating child.

Sara Bennett on "I hate homework!"

If your elementary schooler is unhappy about her nightly workload, the author of "The Case Against Homework" says it's OK to do the unimaginable.

Christine Carter on "I hate homework!"

The "Raising Happiness" author and child development expert explains two surprising things kids need to focus on their homework.

Madeline Levine on "I hate homework!"

When it comes to homework troubles, the famed psychologist and "The Price of Privilege" author cautions parents against coming to your child's rescue.