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Blog all about it

Reluctant writers may just need an online audience.

Word for word

Do-it-yourself magnetic poetry kits make language come alive.

A bug's life

Ant detectives get a close-up look at life on the hill.

Travel Health and Safety Tips

Follow these tips to keep your family prepared and healthy on your next trip.

International Travel: The Documents You'll Need

Leave plenty of time to get the necessary travel documents before you travel.

Bus and Train Travel With Kids

Following these tips can make a long bus or train ride a fun experience with kids.

Homesickness: Expert advice for parents

Tips for helping your camper cope with being away from home.

Think 3-D: Make a pop-up book

How you can help at home: In this activity your child makes a creative book to write a story in.

The brain-growing magic of foreign languages

... and six ways you can expose your kids early!

Don't let their brains melt

Avoid summer school (and summer brain drain) with a little e-learning.