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Anne Ford's memoir: The pain and joy of raising a child with LD

Even wealth and fame didn't protect this loving mother from the challenges that come with raising a child who has a learning disability.

Controversial Treatments for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Although parents of children with AD/HD want the very best treatment for their children, not all AD/HD therapies meet scientific standards. Learn what works -- and what not to waste your time and money on.

Information/Data Managers

Learn about assistive technology tools called information/data managers.

Electronic Math Worksheets

Learn about assistive technology tools called electronic math worksheets.

Audio Books & Publications

Learn about assistive technology tools called audio books and publications.

College resources for students with LD or AD/HD

Whether your teen with LD or AD/HD is college-bound or already on campus, he'll find this resource list invaluable.

Andrew's journal: Growing up with dyslexia and AD/HD

From second grade through high school, Andrew has shared his story of getting through school with the dual challenges of dyslexia and AD/HD.

Respuestas a las preguntas sobre los derechos de protección ofrecidos por los programs de Educación Especial: FAPE, LRE, IEE, P

Si su hijo participa en educación especial, aquí aprenderá lo que debe saber para comprender las protecciones que brindan las leyes educativas federales.

A mother's progress report

A mother reflects on how she has made progress, just as her middle school son with AD/HD has.

Is it a reading disorder or developmental lag?

Get expert advice on identifying and addressing reading problems in your child's early years.