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"But all the other kids gets to do it!"

Should you give in or stand firm when your child makes this claim? A surprising response from Harvard's child and family psychologist Richard Weissbourd.

Po Bronson: How girls and boys play differently

Author Po Bronson talks about how the research on gender and competition informs his daughter's soccer team.

John Duffy: When your child says, "I hate you!"

“Usually when a child says this … they mean something different," says psychologist John Duffy, author of "The Available Parent". Here's how to read between the lines.

Video: How to help a disorganized child

Parenting expert John Duffy reveals how you can help transform even the most scattered child into a master of organization.

Carol Dweck on the secret of your child's brain

"Parents are not doing kids a favor" by making this common mistake, says Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, who explains how to inspire confidence in your child.

Christine Carter on "I hate homework!"

The "Raising Happiness" author and child development expert explains two surprising things kids need to focus on their homework.

John Duffy on "My teacher hates me!"

The psychologist and author of "The Available Parent" says that parents aren't necessarily helping their kids if they go straight to the teacher. Try this instead.

What to say when your child complains about their teacher

"Raising Happiness" author Christine Carter says too many parents respond by saying, "Of course she doesn't!" But this isn't the right approach.

Madeline Levine pushing young kids too early

Using flash cards at age 1. Teaching kids to read at 3. Pushing students to get ahead of the curve in early elementary. Does any of this even help our kids academically?

Madeline Levine: When your child says, "I hate you!"

"Disagreement is tolerated. Disrespect is not." Psychologist Madeline Levine on what to do when your child utters these three dagger-to-the-heart words.