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Ask the Experts about first-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

How Can I Help My First-Grader Sleep?

I can tell that my daughter Kayla experiences nights of not getting a full night's rest. On school nights, she is in bed by 8:30 p.m.; however, she'll be tired in school and/or after school, and her mood or temperament is less than...

How do I address death with my first-grader?

We recently had a death in the family. I want to make sure that I address the subject appropriately with my daughter. Can you advise me on how to address death with a first-grader and suggest some good books on the subject at a first-grade...

Your child and technology: what your first grader needs to know

When first graders use technology in the classroom, they start to use a keyboard; master terms like menu, file, save, and quit; and even learn to navigate the web.

Is My Child Too Immature for Second Grade?

My 7-year-old is very chatty in class. Academically he is strong in all the subjects but refuses to be quiet and is disruptive in class at times. I've tried removing his toys and rewarding him when he is good, but he always returns to...

Get Moving

How You Can Help at Home: Skipping is more than child's play. It's crucial for development. Here's how parents can help.

Smart money: 7 ways to raise a financially literate child

With schools focused on core subjects, there isn't a lot of room for teaching financial literacy. If you want your child to be smart about money, it's up to you.

Play ball

How you can help at home: Practicing catching, bouncing, and kicking skills helps to build coordination and readiness for future sports teams.

Family fitness

How you can help at home: Families can help reinforce healthy lifestyles with these easy activities.

Home Rules

How you can help at home: Have your child come up with household rules and learn about the importance of rules.