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Inside the fifth grader's brain

What insights can neuroscience offer parents about the mind of a fifth grader?

Ask the Experts about fifth-graders

Find answers to your questions about academic problems and school-related behavior.

My Fifth-Grader Shows No Interest

My daughter does very well in school but is not interested in anything anyone else wants to teach her, including myself. In any conversation she disconnects and simply does not listen. She's also very stubborn when I try to help her with homework.

Help! My Fifth-Grader Is Immature

My son is fairly immature for a 10-year-old, both socially and academically. He is forgetful, disorganized and childish, which sometimes gets in the way of schoolwork and friendships. He's been tested for ADD, but he didn't meet enough of the criteria. He is smart...

My Fifth-Grader Lies About His Homework

My son is not completing or doing his homework but what is more upsetting is the fact that he is coming up with clever ways of concealing and destroying the teacher's note. He is also being dishonest regarding completing homework. This is not like him...

My Fifth-Grader Doesn't Put Forth Much Effort

My son is in fifth grade and has always been a hard-working student. However, this year, both his teachers and I have noticed that he is not working to his potential. He turns in his assignments late, and is putting forth very little effort. He...

How Can I Stop My Fifth-Grader From Lying?

My fifth-grader has a tendency to lie for no apparent reason. He seems to do it almost automatically. What can we do?

How Can I Help My Unfocused Fifth-Grader?

My son is totally unfocused when it comes to school. When he can't figure something out on his homework right away, he gets frustrated and wants my husband or me to do the work for him. He never reads the directions and will do assignments...

Your child and technology: what your fifth grader needs to know

Technology isn't a substitute for teaching; it’s a way to bring the world into the fifth grade classroom.

Top discipline mistakes parents of grade schoolers make

How to get your child to behave, and achieve more harmony at home.