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Summer health

10 ways to help your child thrive this summer.

Child development: 13- to 16-year-olds

Kids in early adolescence experience tremendous intellectual, physical, social, and emotional changes. What can parents expect to see?

Child Development: 13- to 16-Year-Olds

Read about typical physical, intellectual, and social growth that kids experience during middle adolescence.

Ask the Experts about middle-schoolers

Find answers to your questions about your middle-schooler's academic concerns and school-related behavior.

My middle-schooler and I argue all the time

How do I deal with my son? He tries to argue with me all the time. I don't think we'll ever have a good relationship, and this deeply saddens me. I don't think he'll ever forgive me for divorcing his dad. He spends all his...

Talking to your middle-schooler: The top-three mistakes parents make

Avoid these conversational pitfalls to improve communication with your child.

What Should I Do With My Defiant Middle-Schooler?

Middle-school kids are worse than the terrible twos! My son just got relatively decent and we could have a conversation and now he has turned into a defiant toddler who is too big to put onto a time-out mat! Does anybody else feel this way...

Three easy school lunches

Quick and healthy recipes for your child to take to school.

School lunches from around the world

Looking for new ideas for your child’s lunch? Take a spin around the globe for inspiration.

Helping your child connect school to work

Your middle-schooler may not understand why learning algebra, science or how to write essays matters. You can help make those school-to-life connections.