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School Improvement Begins at Home

Helping your child succeed is the first step toward improving your school.

Real-life stories about improving schools

Read these stories from Once Upon a School, a Web site created by best-selling author Dave Eggers to encourage citizens to get involved in their local schools.

Bright ideas: Our readers sound off on school improvements

GreatSchools readers share what they'd like to see improved at their schools.

Raising money for your school

Fundraisers have moved beyond bake sales as creative parents help cash-strapped schools look for every extra dollar to boost their budgets.

The community connection: Ideas for your school

Put these ideas to work to find out how your school is connecting with the community.

Ten easy ways to help your child's school

Volunteering your time or donating equipment can make a big difference at your school. Find out what you can offer.

Become a legislative advocate for your child's school

Let your elected officials know where you stand on the issues that affect schools and your child's education.

Six ways to stay connected to your child's school

How to get the school information you need.

How does your school compare to the world's best?

Yet again, the U.S. has received mediocre PISA scores. A new opt-in test is giving schools a chance to see how they rank internationally … and how to improve.

How to reallly make a difference at your child's school

What's the best way to help out at your child's school? Here are time-honored tips on making a contribution of time and effort that really makes a difference.