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What to expect in preschool: the classroom

Find out what you may see in a preschool classroom, from a dramatic-play area to a water table.

Preparing your preschooler to read

You are your child's first - and most influential - teacher. Learn how giving your preschooler daily opportunities to practice emerging reading skills will help her thrive!

Advocating for Your Preschool Child

Help your child succeed in learning through early intervention.

What to expect in preschool: science

Preschool teachers introduce scientific concepts by capitalizing on children's innate curiosity about the world.

What to expect in preschool: math

Sharing pretzels and building block towers: preschool math means recognizing that numbers and patterns are part of everyday life.

What to expect in preschool: art

Hands-on craft projects in preschool build a surprising set of skills.

Top summer learning activities for tykes

Top tips for keeping your preschooler or kindergartner sharp this summer.

What to expect in preschool: social studies

All about community: kids learn social studies concepts by observing what's around them.

Highly enriched preschoolers: Should tykes take classes?

From singing to soccer, how to incorporate extracurricular activities into a preschool education.

Parent picks: What preschoolers are reading this summer

GreatSchools members share their favorite children's books, from classics to trendy tales.