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Kindergarten: ready or not?

Check these guidelines to decide if your child is kindergarten-ready.

Kindergarten math: Patterns

Three games to teach your child about patterns.

Kindergarten basics 1: Five key skills kids learn in kindergarten

Five important skills your child will learn in kindergarten.

When should kids start kindergarten?

Redshirting kindergarten - holding kids back to start school later - is increasingly popular. But does redshirting help, or hurt, a child? The research may surprise you.

Kindergarten basics 6: Numbers and patterns

Playful tasks with everyday objects - like counting coins - can help your child reach her math milestones.

Kindergarten: What your child should know

Keep tabs on your kindergartner's development with this handy checklist.

Kindergarten: What your child should know

Follow your child's progress in kindergarten with this handy checklist.

From our readers: Kindergarten prep tips

Check out our readers' tips for getting kids ready for kindergarten.

Kindergarten basics 2: Getting ready to write

Cutting, pasting, and playing ball will help prepare your child's hands for writing.

Active gaming tips

Video games aren't just for couch potatoes - active gaming gets kids moving.