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What to expect in first grade

Learn about what to expect for your child in first grade.

Language Arts in a First-Grade Classroom

Take a peek inside a first-grade classroom with a rich language arts program.

First grade: What your child should know

Keep tabs on your first-grader's development with this handy checklist.

What worked: Creative learning tips for preschool through first grade

GreatSchools parents share their stories about the unique, sometimes unexpected ways they boost their children's learning.

Active gaming tips

Video games aren't just for couch potatoes - active gaming gets kids moving.

Activities for Pre-Readers and Beginning Readers

Help your child get excited about books by creating a personalized book mark or writing a book of her own.

Your first grader and music

In music class, first graders sing, play instruments, listen and move to music.

Your first grader and art

First graders explore new art materials and learn the vocabulary and elements of art.

Your first grader and PE

First graders learn about the value of teamwork through group fun like dancing and playing tag.

Your first grader and technology

When first graders use technology in the classroom, they start using a keyboard and master terms like menu, file, save, and quit.